I’m featured in James Hogwood. The simple premise is this… to delve into the whys and wherefores of people’s middle names, uncovering interesting stories along the way. When you think about it, they are curious, shadowy creatures, part of our identity, yet generally not on public display. People are usually given them for a reason – in memory of a friend or relative, or carrying on a family tradition. Find out about Elvis Aaron Presley, F Scott Fitzgerald, and me – James Karel Davies – by checking James’ blog here.

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  • Anonymous

    “My other names are as unremarkable as a slice of white bread, so I like having Karel as the more exotic filling in the sandwich”
    James Karel Davies

    Well that’s all very well…but is there a blog about those of us with no filling at all in our sandwiches? In fact does 2 slices of bread count as a sandwich?!!! :-)



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